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Transparency and assurance software for AI.

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Illuminate the "black box" model

to enable recording, understanding, verifying, and auditing

For companies using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make regulated decisions that affect people's lives, Monitaur's Machine Learning (ML) Assurance software, developed by industry experts, secures transparency.

Your business is eager to invest in ML applications, but struggling to achieve assurance over the "black box" decisions you require. Your organization makes decisions about people's health, their finances, their employment... maybe even their guilt or innocence.

These sorts of decisions demand corporate governance.

Monitaur records, logs, organizes, and monitors every decision made by ML models.

Stakeholders responsible for compliance, risk, or audit can access Monitaur's web-application and immediately find, examine, and gain understanding for any decision across all model versions and configurations.

AI labrynth

Continuous assurance platform

for machine learning and artificial intelligence models



Record and organize every decision made by a model to speed verification, understanding, and transparency.



Enable audit, risk, and compliance tests with time and model specific reproducibility.



Establish alerts and application controls to proactively manage risks and test for bias or non-compliance.



Monitaur delivers assurance and validation testing of model compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

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