Good AI needs great governance

And that starts with your models

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A screenshot of Monitaur's software helping with model governance across a customer organization

Model governance software for AI, statistical models, and everything in between

Your business needs a consistent approach to model governance for informed decisions, risk management, and performance visibility. With Monitaur, you can implement responsible and ethical governance from policy to proof for internal and external stakeholders, including technical teams, business owners, regulators, and auditors.

Govern the full lifecycle of your models

Build trust and confidence

Deliver complete transparency into your entire model governance program for all stakeholders.

One source of truth

Govern all artificial intelligence, machine learning, and statistical models in one system of record.

Start where you are

You can have great governance today regardless of where you are in your maturity curve with AI.

3 screenshots of Monitaur's software helping with governance throughout the model lifecycle

Build and execute policies

Create a scalable model governance program that drives repeatable model practices throughout the lifecycle and across teams.

Launch in days with our fully vetted library of 33 flexible controls for high-risk models

Run your model governance program from a shared central system of record

Drive functional and cross-team alignment around production readiness

View governance dashboards for status at a glance

Alert the right stakeholders at the right time about critical next steps

Share your evidence anytime to demonstrate accountability

A screenshot of Monitaur's software helping with policy management and model governance

Validate model performance continuously

Proactively identify and address risks before they impact your business. Monitor drift and bias with best-in-class statistical testing.

A screenshot of Monitaur's software helping with automation of technical evidence for models

Identify feature drift to know when model inputs change

Identify model drift to see when the data environment shifts

Identify unfair bias with disparate impact, equalized odds, and cohort analysis

Configure appropriate tests for every model version and input

Capture test results as automated proof of responsible practices

Create model visibility and transparency

Build confidence in the validity and trustworthiness of your models. Give technical and non-technical stakeholders direct visibility into model decisions and performance.

Understand the impact of model decisions in real-time

Analyze historical performance with advanced searching and filtering

Determine which model inputs are most important

Create transparency into model decisions for business and risk stakeholders

Gain transactional fidelity down to every decision and its inputs

Integrate with best-of-breed tools for model explainability

A screenshot of Monitaur's software helping with model visibility and transparency

Automate technical evidence

Use the components of your model stack, pipeline, and technical documentation to generate evidence of your responsible practices and governance success.

A screenshot of Monitaur's software helping with automation of technical evidence for models

Leverage our client library, REST API, and example evidence templates

Continuously collect key measures to satisfy various technical controls

Initiate governance workflows when policy thresholds are breached

Roll up evidence and remediations into periodic review cycles

Customize evidence and requirements to fit model context and use cases

Start small or go big

All aspects of your business have a responsibility to show great governance and oversight of models. Our solutions integrate with every team that touches the lifecycle of your models. From startup to enterprise, start with Monitaur to scale from where you are in your governance maturity.

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Launch in days

Launch in days with our fully vetted library of 33 flexible controls for high-risk models.

Simple to integrate

Rich client library and APIs to easily connect to your existing modeling and MLOps tools.

Secure and compliant

Attention to detail that exceeds even the most stringent InfoSec, SOC 2 Type 2, and IT reviews.

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