Solutions for responsible and trustworthy AI

The right model governance solution starts with being thoughtful about bringing your stakeholders together.

Teams of teams, one common system of record

Monitaur software is the core of AI model governance, risk, and compliance solutions where visibility is paramount in the lifecycle of your AI.

Orchestration across teams and stakeholders is critical to a successful solution - From ML engineers and data scientists to compliance officers and underwriters to executive decision-makers.

No matter where you are in establishing the quality and assurance of your models, Monitaur can meet you where you are and show you the way to great governance.

3 key stakeholders in AI Governance include business, risk, and technical leaders

Model governance solutions that foster innovation and mitigate risk

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“Monitaur’s control library and understanding of common control frameworks not only saved us months initially but have provided an agility to continually adjust and improve our process over time.”

- Susan Bow, General Counsel at CAPE Analytics

Model governance that scales across different modeling types

Technology changes quickly. Regulations and standards evolve and are updated on a rolling basis. It is hard to keep track of diverse requirements and emerging tools for machine learning - governance can and should be repeatable across your modeling systems. When you build your AI governance platform with Monitaur, you are assured that your solution is flexible, scalable, and can grow with your business needs for governance and product innovation.

  • Manage the entire lifecycle of models, including development, deployment, monitoring, evaluation, and compliance with industry regulations.
  • Keep up with changing regulations and policies, including NAIC principles, NIST standards, ASOP standards, OCC, and more.
  • Consolidate visibility across model projects and purposes, including AI, machine learning, LLM, GPT, and statistical models.
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Global Fintech recognized Monitaur in its list of 100 groundbreaking tech companies that are developing solutions to the insurance industry's most daunting challenges.

AI governance in regulated industries

Regulated industries have always had standards and compliances to adhere to for multiple model types. It’s no different for AI. Our customers continuously demonstrate with ease that their AI models are trustworthy and compliant with industry regulations thanks to our centrally managed library. It is up to date with the latest standard policy controls, plus the capabilities to add your proprietary and internal business controls.

While the applications of AI and ML are varied, delivering upon these core principles provides ongoing assurance across all of your consequential decision systems.

HR &


Enhance your automated decisioning with smart AI that’s streamlined and compliance-ready

Pricing & Product

Improve profitability and customer retention with well-governed data that stays compliant throughout its AI/ML lifecycle

Risk Modeling

Responsible AI enhances your ability to maximize your AI/ML potential for predictive modeling, risk assessment, and enterprise risk modeling


Incorporation of data from new sources using clean, responsible AI speeds up claims processing and improves loss forecasting

Fraud Detection

New data sources and advanced modeling techniques, when governed, help curb the potential impact of fraud

Sales & Marketing

Identify best fit customers and drive market share with ML-optimized offerings


Widen your prospective field and stay more competitive with AI that’s flexible, responsible, and secure

Credit Scoring

Incorporate more sophisticated metrics into your algorithms


Identify bad actors with well-governed AI that enables more transparency and risk reduction

Fraud Detection

New data sources and advanced modeling techniques, when governed, help curb the potential impact of fraud

Sales & Marketing

Identify best fit customers and drive market share with ML-optimized offerings


Utilize data from devices to inform health experiences and improve health outcomes

Remote Patient Monitoring

Real-time patient data that’s protected with responsible AI can inform better diagnoses, interventions, and patient care

Hospital Admissions

Triage emergency patients, maximize hospital bed utilization with confidence


External data sources and vendor AI applications offer improved patient financing options and optimized collections

Drug Discovery

Streamline drug candidates by analyzing chemical properties at scale and utilizing broader, disparate datasets

Clinical Trials

Enable transparent, proactive work into data centralization, identifying participant identification, and outcomes that affect lives

Talent Acquisition

Provide fairness and compliance across the full talent acquisition journey

Candidate Screening

Ensure screening algorithm don’t introduce bias that could negatively affect your candidates

Compensation & Performance

Manage compensation and performance review with responsible AI/ML use

Learning & Development

Track teams with responsible AI that stays on track

Benefits Administration

Deliver employees the right solutions and maintain data fairly

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