Going beyond good intentions.

Monitaur is committed to improving people's lives by providing confidence and trust in AI.

Our philosophy

We fundamentally believe in a world where responsibly developed AI improves our daily lives. We also know it’s easier said than done. 

Monitaur exists to help go beyond the promise of these good intentions. We believe we can deliver the reality of fairness and accountability in models and systems through effective governance and, in doing so, accelerate the positive impact on our everyday lives.

The ML Builders
The Risk Managers
The Public

We’ll deliver AI Governance and ML Assurance solutions that accelerate innovation.

The ML Builders
The Risk Managers
The Public

We help create assurances and transparency that support regulatory compliance.

The ML Builders
The Risk Managers
The Public

We’ll provide independent assurances and trust in the AI systems that affect you and your everyday life.

Our founders

Monitaur was founded by a team of deep domain experts in the areas of corporate innovation, machine learning, assurance, and software development.

Anthony Habayeb, CEO

Anthony Habayeb

Co-founder & CEO

Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark

Co-founder & CTO

Michael Herman

Michael Herman

Co-founder & Lead Engineer

Our community and advisors

We’re building a company anchored around three core values: integrity, care,
and innovation. We continuously learn from distinguished industry and regulatory advisors to create the best solutions for you

Evan Daniels photo

Evan Daniels

Counsel at Mitchell Sandler LLC, with a practice focused on regulatory issues surrounding banks, fintech, financial services, and insurance. He was most recently director of Arizona’s insurance regulatory agency and co-vice chair of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) “H” committee, which oversees regulator collaboration and policy development across key innovation and technology areas, including artificial intelligence and big data.

Christy Kaufman photo

Christy Kaufman

Award-winning industry executive with deep expertise in the enterprise risk management, insurtech, and compliance ecosystem; most recently as VP of Risk Management at Zillow. She previously led strategy and compliance for American Family Ventures, a leading venture capital fund for early-stage companies at the nexus of risk and technology. Passionate about developing the next generation of leaders, Christy is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Wisconsin School of Business and is a UW MBA Advisory Board member.

Joshua Pyle photo

Joshua Pyle, FCAS

Actuarial advisor with over 17 years of experience in the technology and insurance domains. His focus areas include predictive modeling, price optimization/demand modeling, catastrophe modeling, enterprise risk management, competitive analysis, reserving, and commercial and personal pricing. Most recently, Joshua was the senior director and head actuary for DoorDash, where he led risk and insurance efforts (across actuarial, risk management and mitigation, and claims) within a rapidly growing last-mile logistics space.

Confident investors

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