AI Risk Management for Insurance

How AI is Transforming the Insurance Industry

Many insurance companies are already using AI to assess underwriting risk, determine pricing, and evaluate claims. But for all of the promise that comes with AI and ML, comes risk.

As artificial intelligence and machine learning move into critical business functions, insurance executives in charge of risk and compliance face new challenges.

Understanding AI Decision-Making

Download this whitepaper for a deeper introduction to ML and AI for insurance, as well as risk management considerations when leveraging this technology. 

In this 10-15 minute read, we answer the following questions:

  • How do AI and ML models actually work?
  • What are AI and ML best suited to do? What are they less good at?
  • What risks and challenges do they create?
  • How ready are we to deploy AI and ML as a business?
  • How do AI and ML change our corporate risk profile – from reputational, legal, and compliance risks to strategic and operational risks?
  • Most importantly, how can I manage those risks?


What Insurers Need to Know