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A Push For Digital Transformation: The Global AI Investment Boom

December 22, 2021

AJ Abdallat discusses the growing impression of artificial intelligence on businesses and executives in his latest article in Forbes. Recently, a dependency on technology has cemented into business practices. This trend is expected to grow exponentially. By 2026, it is predicted that the computing market will grow by over 29%. Despite this rapid adoption of new and innovative technologies, there has been some hesitancy to trust uninterpretable AI models.

With large pools of complex data, it is now more important than ever for humans to have a stake in understanding how AI systems operate, which has given rise to cognitive AI. By using AI governance strategies that make models easier to understand and interpret, consumers and executives alike will be more likely to trust their AI systems over black box models. Alongside its potential to increase GDP across the globe by 16%, artificial intelligence is a lucrative opportunity that will be gradually implemented into business practices across the globe.

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