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AI, Automation Predictions for 2022: More Big Changes Ahead

November 9, 2021

In this recent Information Week interview, Jessica Davis sits down with Brandon Purcell, VP of Forrester, to discuss his predictions for artificial intelligence in the coming year. Most notably, Forrester anticipates that the market for responsible AI solutions will double in 2022. “Work in this area can dovetail with efforts in AI governance, he says, and organizations will be looking to MLOps and modelOps to help govern, monitor, and manage” AI systems over their lifecycles. With growing concerns about privacy and regulations coming from across the globe, enterprises will adjust their AI-related business models to reflect more responsible and ethical practices.

Alongside this explosive growth, AI more generally will continue to become instrumental in business models. Among Forrester’s predictions are: 

  • 15% of non-technology companies will implement AI teams to design and test new technologies, 
  • 5% of Fortune 500 companies will adopt more automation to promote innovation, and 
  • Patents will be awarded to dozens of clever AI systems.
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