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AI Technology Governance Drives Better Outcomes

December 6, 2021

In Jean-François Gangé’s recent opinion piece in ServiceNow, he outlines the importance of AI governance. In most industries – excluding highly regulated industries – AI governance is not mandated because it requires a significant amount of resources to create a comprehensive approach. However, this is likely to change in the next few years. Frameworks and proposals for AI regulation have arrived in the EU, the US, and across the world. 

Holistic AI governance allows companies to monitor and support their algorithms. When it comes to artificial intelligence systems, Gangé believes managers should treat them like human employees. There should be clear oversight and accountability over decisions. AI governance software can expedite this process by identifying “red flags” raised by monitoring software and allow it to be reviewed in line with a company’s governance framework. Along the lines of what we fundamentally believe here at Monitaur, Gangé believes that AI governance can yield positive business outcomes, the trust provided by AI governance is priceless.

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