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Are You Overestimating Your Responsible AI Maturity?

March 30, 2021

"Yes, you probably are" is the conclusion of the team at BCG GAMMA, an arm of the Boston Consulting Group focused on AI. They surveyed a thousand "large organizations" investing in AI and found that Responsible AI (RAI) programs are lagging. Even in the 35% of companies that believe they have fully implemented an RAI program, the BCG team determined that only 46% had accurately estimated their actual progress to that end-goal. On a positive note, they discovered that across all levels of program maturity companies are making strides in the most important and challenging area of driving fairness, equity, and human-machine collaboration. The summary slideshow is a quick and engaging overview of their learnings.

BCG also delves into what RAI looks like in practice, mirroring how the dialogue around Responsible AI has begun to exit from the conceptual world of principles and goals. More and more voices and companies are moving to the next stage of action-oriented and tactical discussion of how to achieve one of the key ends of RAI: continuous assurance that AI and ML systems are operating under controls and policies that are systematically tracked, monitored, and documented.

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