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Business Roundtable Launches Responsible AI Initiative

January 26, 2022

On January 26, 2022 the Business Roundtable – which represents over 230 CEOs – released a press release announcing the launch of its “Roadmap for Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI).” This initiative intends to provide guidelines for responsible deployment and use of artificial intelligence across industries. Reflecting the input provided by business leaders, AI developers, and end users, the Roadmap recommended six principles for business to consider when creating their own frameworks:

  1. Couple innovation and diversity
  2. Reduce the risk of harmful bias
  3. Prioritize transparency
  4. Invest in AI to remain competitive
  5. Incorporate AI into existing risk management strategies
  6. Create a multi-stakeholder approach to AI governance

The Business Roundtable also placed more emphasis on the need for the US to be a global leader in artificial intelligence. Building upon their 2019 “Innovation Nation” proposal, they called on the Biden Administration and Congress to implement policies consistent with their latest policy recommendations.

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