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Can AI Finally Solve the Problem of Diversity?

April 12, 2022

Watch (or listen) to this 37-minute interview with Beena Ammanath on the Keen On show with host Andrew Keen. Ammanath is the Executive Director of the Global Deloitte AI Institute and Founder of Humans For AI and is considered a global thought leader on AI ethics. 

In the interview, Ammanath discusses a range of topics - including some of the ideas from her book: Trustworthy AI: A Business Guide for Navigating Trust and Ethics in AI. According to Ammanath, we need to “move beyond personal morality or personal ethics, [and] make it at the organizational level.”

Ammanath also discusses how there is an opportunity with AI technology to attract more diverse talent to the field. Unlike other technology, working in AI doesn’t necessarily require coding skills. Having subject matter expertise is needed, but coding and deep technical skills are not always required. This opens up the industry to candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

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