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Everyone in Your Organization Needs to Understand AI Ethics

July 26, 2021

Deloitte AI Institute Executive Director Beena Ammanath and ethical risk consultant Virtue CEO's Reid Blackman authored this excellent piece capturing the need to educate across the organization about ethical use of AI. They see the drivers as the lack of perspective that three audiences have when it comes to ethics and AI risk: procurement officers, executive leadership, and technical teams. Their step-wise plan advises the following, in paraphrased form:

  1. Remove fear through basic AI literacy
  2. Provide relevant in-industry examples
  3. Align to expressed company values
  4. Make policies actionable instead of abstract
  5. Engage influencers across the enterprise
  6. Make education a habit

Such a consistent effort internal to businesses is of course a perfect complement to the larger mission of encouraging civic competence for AI covered in Issue 6.

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