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Parliament leads the way on first set of EU rules for Artificial Intelligence

October 20, 2020

Meanwhile on the other side of the Atlantic, Members of the European Parliament resoundingly adopted proposals for AI, robotics, and software that are headed for the 2021 legislative agenda. This effort tackles frameworks for ethical principles, legal liability, and intellectual property rights. In comparison with the above Executive Order from the outgoing Trump administration, the EU's principles have decided focus on human and social concerns. Alongside vital topics like safety, transparency, and accountability, they emphasize the need for "human-centric and human-made AI" and include addressing bias and discrimination, the right to redress decisions made by AI, and social and environmental responsibility. Additionally, high-risk "self-learning technologies" should enable both human oversight and the ability to restore full human control in the case of ethical breach.

The legal framework set out establishes civil liability for damages from high-risk AI technologies and suggests the need for operators to obtain insurance to cover their activities. By providing legal certainty while building public trust and civic protections, the end-goal is to foster innovation and develop a leadership position in the field of intelligent systems as competition in AI research burgeons across the world, most notably China, which has published the most new academic papers this year.

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