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Strengthening international cooperation on artificial intelligence

February 17, 2021

Brookings also published this excellent paper that covers the current state of AI development, stakeholders, and regulation across the globe. The backdrop is China's desire to use AI to bolster its geopolitical and economic power, and combatting its resources and capabilities will require a coordinated global efforts from the US, EU, and other Asian powers. Moreover, a dearth of regulatory coordination across borders will create barriers to AI delivering upon its potential for good, a patchwork of local legislation that will inhibit developers, and protectionist impulses that can proliferate into other areas of the economy. The authors call out "assessing AI risk, developing international AI standards, and to the conformity assessment of AI products" as key areas for unified attention. They also believe that NIST's cybersecurity framework provides a useful model for including broader international policies like those being pursued by the World Economic Forum, which has a launched a wide-ranging multi-national AI project recently as well.

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