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The Missing Role your Organization Needs for the Success of your AI Initiatives

January 5, 2022

By 2028, the global AI market is expected to become a $360 billion industry. For reference, in 2021 it was a $47.7 billion industry. Despite this expected exponential growth, enterprises who utilize AI and machine learning models still have trouble providing their systems with adequate oversight and governance to mitigate risk. To work towards solving this problem, Alankrita Priya recommends introducing MLOps into an enterprise’s business model.

In her Inside Big Data article, Priya emphasizes collaboration and communication MLOps facilitates between those who create the machine learning models and business leaders. This process allows for a more holistic lifecycle governance strategy. Through collaboration, businesses can lessen the gap between functional teams and those implementing a business model. This approach has the potential to bolster greater accountability and responsibility in how organizations build and deploy complex AI and machine learning models.

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