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U.S. Chamber Launches Bipartisan Commission on Artificial Intelligence to Advance U.S. Leadership

January 18, 2022

On January 18, 2022 The U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced the launch of the Artificial Intelligence Commission on Competition, Inclusion, and Innovation. According to the president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Suzane P. Clark, the goal of the Commission is to “leverage AI to compete globally, and [create] reasonable and responsible rules governing the use of AI that harness its potential while effectively mitigating its risks.”

The Commission will be co-chaired by former representatives John Delaney (D-MD) and Mike Ferguson (R-NJ). The Commission will utilize the opinions of leaders in government, industry, and civil society to build a framework for the responsible use and deployment of AI. Through the advice provided by these entities and the Chamber’s AI policy principles, the Commission will recommend sustainable, bipartisan AI policies to establish the United States as a leader in AI innovation in a more ethical and fair way. This comes after the UK created their own standards to become the global leader in AI ethics and responsibility.

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