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Why civic competence in AI ethics is needed in 2021

January 14, 2021

Abhishek Gupta, one of the founders of the Montreal AI Ethics Institute, has published a series of valuable blog posts lately that render down the most important issues and knowledge for those looking to learn about AI ethics and related topics. This short but important piece highlights a dimension of inclusion and diversity that goes largely ignored in the sometimes airy discussions about AI and morality: the importance of the general public's voice. Poignantly, he begins with the fact that we will all feel the effects of AI in our lives in the near future, whether we choose to engage with that reality or not. He argues that it is incumbent upon not only citizens to learn about AI and get involved with organizations but also experts and operators to seek out the wisdom of the crowd. After all, groupthink can infect every community and is most dangerous within the confines of those with deep, specific, and specialized knowledge. Incorporating consumers can also help scale efforts to monitor harms from artificial intelligence as it happens.

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