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Why Corporate Purpose And AI Ethics Must Be a Leadership And Risk Management Priority

July 17, 2022

In her recent Forbes article, Cindy Gordon catches us with quite a lede including an introduction to corporate purpose and AI ethics amid the current "challenges given the decline of human happiness.” 

Gordon goes on to cover:

  • Defining corporate purpose, and why 8 in 10 executives believe it’s crucial
  • The sad state (pun intended) of the most recent World Happiness Report, and why it matters in business today
  • The role AI plays in the above as this technology is predicted to be one of the biggest business investment areas over the next 20-30 years

“I truly believe that more humanity in business practices is critical and the decline of human happiness is one of the reasons, I am so passionate about more humanity in all business interactions and decisions impacting AI to ensure its AI for good,” writes Gordon.

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