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Why Microsoft and Twitter are turning to bug bounties to fix their A.I.

August 10, 2021

This article in Fortune (subscription required), as well as other media sources, covered the common practice in the tech world of borrowing techniques used in one domain and applying it to another. And so it was perhaps inevitable that bug bounty programs that software developers have deployed successfully would eventually come to machine learning and AI systems. Microsoft and Nvidia bridged the gap with prizes awarded for those who can break their malware detection AI, cybersecurity being an existing area that highly leverages bounties to improve systems.

Twitter awarded $3,500 to its program winner, who changed individual's faces to be thinner, whiter, and younger to demonstrate the bias in the company's now shuttered profile image cropping algorithm. In related news, Twitter committed to responsible AI by hiring thought leader Rumman Chowdhury, who discusses how she's building a more proactive approach to AI governance in this interview.

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