Our platform is expanding. Announcing GovernML.

AI Governance & Assurance
GovernML software release

We’re proud to announce today the availability of GovernML, the latest addition to the suite of integrated software products that complete our ML Assurance platform.

GovernML is a cloud application that enables enterprises to manage risk by providing a framework to build and manage AI policies. By doing so, GovernML empowers businesses to manage AI systems that are responsible and ethical.

With GovernML, companies that use AI to make business decisions can:

  • Define and document policies and controls for artificial intelligence models
  • Drive cross-functional alignment and consensus regarding AI projects
  • Organize status, approvals, and evidence regarding machine learning
  • Create and track accountability regarding AI system performance

Leveraged in conjunction with Monitaur’s complete Machine Learning Assurance platform, companies can find one source of truth when it comes to ensuring their AI systems are compliant.

Furthering our mission

As a company, the entire team at Monitaur is committed to improving people's lives by providing confidence and trust in AI. The GovernML product release takes us one step closer to our mission and is an important milestone.

“Our team is proud of our newest product, GovernML. There’s nothing else like it on the market, and it will help our enterprise customers succeed in building, managing, and collaborating across teams to drive effective governance of their AI systems,” said Tom Heys, Director of Product Strategy.

We are proud. Building a platform that solves true Enterprise AI Governance isn’t easy, but we’re up for it. The Monitaur platform is uniquely positioned to be a leader in ML Assurance:

Why is GovernML important?

People are asking Google “how to control AI.” The answer isn’t simple, but a key function of GovernML is that it allows users to build controls for AI governance.

Governance is rooted in the principles of risk and control management. With AI, a well-governed project clearly defines:

  • What are all of the things that could go wrong (risks) and what steps in our project contribute the most towards those potential risks?
  • What processes or systems (controls) can we implement to remove or mitigate the risks?

GovernML is software that both enables lifecycle Governance while also providing an entire library of risk and control methods. Licensing GovernML provides customers with a curated library that has: 

  • Embedded risk research and documentation
  • Defined control methods
  • Delivered helper text
  • Workflow and assignment logic to drive the entire process of collaboration between ML modeling and risk teams

Why now?

GovernML is being released as pressures mount worldwide regarding AI Regulations. At the same time, regardless of government intervention, businesses that rely on AI and ML are increasingly feeling the need to mitigate risk and avoid unintentional consequences of AI.

On the regulatory side, a lot of momentum has been gained over the past year. Many government entities – from the FDA to the Department of Commerce, along with specific cities and states – have started to seriously investigate, if not enact, new laws around AI and ML.

On the industry side, demand for AI and ML in business continues to grow. Gartner predicts the global artificial intelligence software market to reach $62 billion this year. Companies that are using AI, or plan to soon, are looking for solutions to help them navigate both the known and unknown risks that come along with the possibilities of this technology.

Going beyond good intentions

Monitaur customers go beyond good intentions when it comes to building responsible and ethical AI. They recognize creating assurances is not simply technical, it is a complex cross-functional business problem. They not only leverage our tools to explain and monitor their AI systems - they also organize their methodology and build collaborative transparency.

GovernML gives businesses a system of record to build, share, document, approve, and connect all the key elements of a robust lifecycle governance program.

And we aren’t finished yet. Stay tuned!

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