What this celebrity couple has to do with AI governance

AI Governance & Assurance

What do Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, and AI governance have in common? They have all been top trending keywords on Google recently. Watch a 90-second update from Anthony Habayeb, the CEO of Monitaur, regarding our 20th issue of the Machine Learning Assurance Newsletter.

In this issue, you’ll find coverage of regulatory developments in New York City and in the U.K. As well as thought leadership articles around corporate responsibilities, and managing risk. There’s also coverage of the recent framework that's being developed by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), and commentary on how the NIST framework plays out in the marketplace.

The summer of 2022 is an inflection point in not just thinking about AI risk or becoming aware of AI risk, but actually being committed to building more responsible and ethical AI. I expect in the coming months we will see more major corporations signal their investments and their execution of responsible and ethical governance over their AI systems.

We will see the market going beyond good intentions.

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