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Jun 30, 2022

Trust & AI: Must Reads

The call for addressing AI bias, transparency, and explainability is getting louder as the European Union prepares to implement the AI Act. The act, which is currently being written and anticipated to go into effect in 2023, will regulate the use of AI and machine learning technologies across industries. In this recent datanami article Alex Woodie summarizes key information about the act, and shares why "AI experts say this is a great time for AI users to familiarize themselves with ethical concepts."

Regulation & Legislation
Ethics & Responsibility

In this HBR article author Reid Blackman covers not only why you need an AI ethics committee - but also who should be on it, and what this type of committee actually entails.

Blackman shares important information on discrimination perpetuated by AI, specific ideas on addressing this serious problem - as well as general recommendations for AI strategy overall.

Ethics & Responsibility
AI Governance & Assurance

With higher-risk models, data scientists face responsibility to not only follow best practices for building responsible and ethical AI, but also develop common understanding with non-technical stakeholders to support overall business needs. In this article Monitaur's Chris Luiz shares ideas around the role of AI governance within the data science lifecycle.

AI Governance & Assurance

In this Forbes article, Glenn Gow covers a few thoughts on how and why boards should get their "noses into Artificial Intelligence" amid the AI revolution that is already underway.

"Not only is Artificial Intelligence well within the purview of the board, I would argue that it ought to be one of the board’s most important and urgent priorities. AI is an issue of strategy, vision, opportunity, and risk management, not a 'techie thing.'"

Read the full article for three things boards can do today to join the AI conversation.

AI Governance & Assurance
Ethics & Responsibility

"While it’s true that the adoption of artificial intelligence in various applications is yielding tangible results for all kinds of enterprises, there is a downside: AI’s full potential isn’t being realized because of a lack of human expertise to optimize it for business purposes."

Chris J. Preimesberger shares findings from a recent research project on AI governance, in his latest in VentureBeat.

The global research initiative reported an increase in AI adoption over the last year. However, "governance policies involving AI continue to lack maturity."

AI Governance & Assurance