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Nov 28, 2022

Trust & AI: Must Reads

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Love the subhead of this article written by contributors from IBM and The Next Web: "Avoid biased algorithms, negative press, and lawsuits." Truly a succinct but effective way to summarize the importance of AI governance.

"While AI is undeniably helping to propel our businesses and society forward at lightning speed, we’ve also seen the negative impacts a lack of oversight can bring."

Read the full article to learn more about AI governance and why companies are "feeling the heat of AI regulation."

AI Governance & Assurance

In this recent World Economic Forum article Abhishek Gupta, Steven Mills, and Kay Firth-Butterfield share strategies for success when it comes to scaling AI.

The authors acknowledge the transformative power of AI for business as well as the inevitability of issues that will arise from leveraging this technology. They also push for an investment in responsible AI (RAI), "which also yields benefits in accelerating innovation and helping them become more competitive."

Another key take away offered is a method for prioritizing low-effort, high-impact tactics for RAI.

Ethics & Responsibility

The Council of the European Union updated the text for the proposed Artificial Intelligence Act with new revisions according to this article from Euractiv.

Revisions were made in these areas: considerations for the insurance industry, national authority over AI governance, and further definition of what is (and is not) critical infrastructure.

New language includes that the AI Act "does not affect the competencies, tasks, powers and independence of the national authorities in charge of supervising the protection of fundamental rights, including equality bodies and data protection authorities."

The EU council is planning to convene again regarding the AI Act on Dec. 6.

Regulation & Legislation

"AI is the best friend to technology leaders who want to make the world a better place with unfolding inventions."

In this short, and kind of fun, article from Analytics Insight (Market Trends category) the author summarizes how AI is already impacting our daily lives and the importance of AI leaders in taking AI down the path toward ethics and responsibility.

Impact & Society
Ethics & Responsibility

In this Forbes article Analyst Rowan Curran shares 2023 predictions, including:

  • "TuringBots will write 10% of worldwide code and tests."
  • "One in four tech execs will report to their board on AI governance."
  • "Ten percent of Fortune 500 enterprises will generate content with AI tools."

Read the full article to learn more.

Ethics & Responsibility