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Mar 8, 2023

Trust & AI: Must Reads

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The need for Responsible AI is undisputed, but implementing it is challenging. Techopedia brought together the following leaders to discuss how and why organizations are adopting Responsible AI as a governance framework:

Ethics & Responsibility
AI Governance & Assurance

Chatbots and generative AI are being developed and acted upon quickly by businesses. New legal and business dangers—and opportunities—will arise as the technology advances and use cases emerge. Government, business and society can take the early learnings from the explosive popularity of generative AI to develop guardrails to protect against their worst behavior and use cases before this technology pervades all facets of commerce. To that end, businesses should be aware of the following top 10 risks and how to address them.

Authors Matthew F. Ferraro, a senior fellow at the National Security Institute at George Mason University, is a Counsel at WilmerHale; Natalie Li is a Senior Associate, and Haixia Lin and Louis W. Tompros are Partners at WilmerHale.

Risks & Liability
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