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Apr 19, 2023

Trust & AI: Must Reads

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Anthony Habayeb founded Boston-based artificial intelligence software company Monitaur four years ago in 2019. A year later, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. But Habayeb said he’s no stranger to solving hard problems, and in fact, that’s what drove him to launch a startup in the first place.

“What a whirlwind time to launch a company. Just a couple of market conditions and crazy things have happened since we started the company,” he said, adding, “I really like solving new hard problems, putting really good teams around [them], and trying to bring stuff to market. I’ve always loved that.”

Habayeb’s career includes time as a strategic consultant for Accenture and executive roles at Gannett, Monster and Yahoo. Prior to founding Monitaur, he served as an advisor to AI companies including Authess, Talla, and Frase. He said around 2016, he “became pretty obsessed with the potential for AI to fundamentally change how so much happens and to make our lives better.”

So, he began preparing a team to strike out on his own.

Impact & Society

It's not new that insurance regulators are grappling with how (and how much) to regulate artificial intelligence's use in the business of insurance. This year is no different, but some of the big ideas on which regulators previously focused are beginning to inform more practical and detailed efforts to provide concrete guidance or, in some cases, actual regulatory requirements.

Evan Daniels Advisory Board Member for Monitaur describes two developments in 2023 that will inform the approaches regulators will take in the years ahead.

Regulation & Legislation
AI Governance & Assurance
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