ML Assurance Newsletter

May 18, 2023

Trust & AI: Must Reads

While tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Salesforce and others have rushed to deploy generative AI products, enterprises are also eying ways to deploy their own AI. But moving too quickly is fraught with pitfalls and risk. The results have fallen short of stellar at times. Various public-facing generative AIs have “lied” about the background of individuals, threatened users and provided errored responses with great confidence.

Learn the top mistakes enterprises will likely make when deploying generative AI independently.

Risks & Liability

"I unintentionally created a biased AI algorithm 25 years ago, and tech companies haven’t learned from my mistake." In this article from Fast Company, they ask how and why do well-educated, well-intentioned scientists produce biased AI systems? Sociological theories of privilege provide one useful lens.

Impact & Society

The European parliament has voted by a large majority in favor of adopting a wide-ranging proposed law on AI.

On May 11, 2023, the lawmakers adopted a draft negotiating mandate with 84 votes in favor, 7 against, and 12 abstentions.

The proposed law is the first relating to AI by a major regulator, according to the AI Act website. It aims to regulate the advanced technology and protect Europeans from its potential risks.

The next step for the Act is plenary adoption, which is expected during the 12-15 June session.

Regulation & Legislation
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