Upskilling for AI: Roles, organizations and new mindsets

Episode 13. Data scientists, researchers, engineers, marketers, and risk leaders find themselves at a crossroads to expand their skills or risk obsolescence. The hosts discuss how a growth mindset and "the fundamentals" of AI can help.

Our episode shines a light on this vital shift, equipping listeners with strategies to elevate their skills and integrate multidisciplinary knowledge. We share stories from the trenches on how each role affects robust AI solutions that adhere to ethical standards, and how embracing a T-shaped model of expertise can empower data scientists to lead the charge in industry-specific innovations.

Zooming out to the executive suite, we dissect the complex dance of aligning AI innovation with core business strategies. Business leaders take note as we debunk the myth of AI as a panacea and advocate for a measured, customer-centric approach to technology adoption. We emphasize the decisive role executives play in steering their companies through the AI terrain, ensuring that every technological choice propels the business forward, overcoming the ephemeral allure of AI trends.

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We hope you enjoy this candid conversation that could reshape your outlook on the future of AI and the roles and responsibilities that support it.

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