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Will Washington Ever Get Around to Regulating Artificial Intelligence?

January 10, 2022

While the EU and China have implemented AI regulation, the US has not yet passed a comprehensive approach to regulate AI. In her recent Jurist article, Uche Ewelukwa Ofodile outlines the federal government’s attempts to regulate the issues posed by artificial intelligence. However, critics believe the bills proposed by Congress may not go far enough to address the complex problems created by AI, which has led to hesitancy to regulate it. Ewelukwa Ofodile suggests three things to consider when deciding whether or not the US should regulate AI:

  1. A consensus to regulate AI is present in the US.
  2. Due to their leadership in creating these technologies, the US is obligated to write the rules to ensure ethical and responsible deployment and use.

If the federal government does not act, the patchwork of laws and regulations created by state and local governments will lead to greater confusion across the landscape of AI.

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